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Why does it take three months to transition a curriculum?

Great question; it doesn't.

What takes time is ALL the other stuff we improved while transitioning our staff to the new Motorcyclist Training Course curriculum. Starting with improvements to the pavement, the coordination of independent contractors that are privately funded (MRE) to work on public school district parking lot. You see, that lot wasn't originally built for parking, it was a playground. Clearly, there's a different "live load" design criteria. Over the past many decades, the cracks had grown large enough for shrubbery to grow, and the dips were deep enough to collect ponds, not puddles. The gravel expelled by the increased rate of decay was causing plenty of concern for this motorcycle-safety focused business owner to fret.

Since the District doesn't have the $160k it would take to properly repave this section, MRE coordinated and funded a thorough re-cap that repaired large sections, filled cracks, and applied a Type II emulsion that greatly increases traction for motorcycling students. The repairs require time to cure and set up, or they will deform under the pressures our training tires will exert. For that, we appreciate your patience. We believe you will agree that the improvements to safety conditions well warrant the expense.

From the picture above, 250 feet in the air, it is difficult to see all the dots, squares, hats, stars, and dash marks all over the pavement. These carefully measured markings are what allow us to quickly place guide cones and deliver consistent training to all our students. What's more important for you as a student are the large yellow and blue curves and lines that this aerial shows. By providing clear paths-of-travel you can better utilize your peripheral vision, and focus on developing your skill set, rather than searching for "where do I go?" In addition, we've purchase all new training cones, further increasing visibility.

Other projects include a complete redesign of the website (We hope you enjoy it!) and the implementation of a State-directed back end for student registration. We've also bought a new fleet of training helmets from Bell Helmets, a quality product with a long-established name in the industry.

Simi Valley Adult School has reciprocated our investment by assigning improved classroom conditions by assigning a new room, more central to campus, and providing us with a new data projector so that you may clearly see our material.

We hope you like what you experience. Please drop us a line and let us know what you think. We're on Yelp, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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