IRC Registration is Easy as 1…2…3…

Classes fill quickly. Don’t delay!

To keep the training safe and sane, class size is limited to 12 riders. This allows for ample coaching, and limited hazards.

Step 1: Read the Important Stuff.

Our students love us because we’re knowledgeable, friendly, have a high success rate, and are very transparent in how we run our training. Some of the most asked questions we get from our students are: “What do I get for my tuition?”, “When and where do the classes take place?”, and “We’re supposed to bring ________________? I didn’t know that.”We want to help you be fully prepared to ride safely while having fun on a motorcycle. This is an educational course, and your education starts now. To that end, we have three links below to important information that you may have already read on our website, but if not, please do so now. Once you have finished, check the boxes acknowledging that you’ve read them.

Step 2: Pick Your Class.

Once you have checked the boxes above indicating that you read the required pages, click the button below to select your class. On the next page, find the class with the date and time that works best for you, then click on the form icon at the very beginning of the row, in the “Register” column.
To select your class, acknowledge you’ve read the pages above.

Step 3: Complete Your Registration.

After selecting the class you want to take, just fill out the form to complete your registration.

Please note: Your reservation is like a movie ticket. If you’re not there, the movie will still play, but you will miss out. The difference here is that you CANNOT enter this class late. BE ON TIME, or you will forfeit your spot.

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