Learn To Ride From Expert, Friendly Instructors

Our instructors are highly skilled riders who are passionate about motorcycles, riding, and teaching. They will guide you through the highest quality curriculum available today, and share practical tips with you that they have learned firsthand over years of experience. You will develop your riding skills quickly in a fun, hands-on environment with their expert instruction.

We come from diverse and unique backgrounds, each of us with adventure stories, and personal connections to riding. To learn more about us, please read below and inquire during course breaks.


Rick Becker has been an instructor for close to 20 years. He is a track riding enthusiast and passionate proponent of good fun with good choices, while on two wheels.


Gigi is the Administrator for MRE. She works closely with Rick to ensure that all of our students find and receive the resources that they need.  With an IT background, she navigates the complexities of a State system with ease.  

Christian Rodriguez likes sharing his knowledge of riding with others, and enjoys rides to Santa Barbara and through the mountains.
Barry has been riding since 1968. He enjoys commuting to work on his motorcycle, as well as long trips around California on weekends.
Riding since 8 years old, Duan Harrion is passionate about teaching students how to ride safely so they can enjoy the sport the same way he does.
Benjamin loves everything motorcycle, and enjoys teaching the introductory Motorcyclist Training Course, as well as the Intermediate Riding Clinic with MRE.
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