Payment, Refund & Cancellation Policy

General Info

Your course tuition for any of our courses holds a reservation for a specified course time. Tuition for the CMSP Motorcyclist Training Course is based upon your age at the time of projected course completion, as mandated by the State of California. This course is a pass or fail curriculum. While we do our utmost to provide the best training, there are many possible barriers to your learning. You are responsible for your learning and your success.

Refunds Summary

There are no refunds due to failure, dismissal, absence, tardiness (please be at the range 15 minutes early) or weather (we ride rain or shine). Any cancellation or reschedule requests for other reasons must be placed 72 hours prior to the first scheduled class to incur no refund or rescheduling fees. For more specific information see our refund, rescheduling and cancellation policies below.
No Refunds Due to Tardiness, Absence or Dismissal
Tardiness, absence, or dismissal from the course does not not qualify for any partial refund. Rescheduling will be required, and the rescheduling fee will apply.

No Refunds Due to Weather

We ride rain or shine. Consider it part of your instruction on motorcycle safety. Due to state regulations, if you are absent due to weather you will be dismissed from class. Unfortunately, in this circumstance no refunds will be given.

Reschedule a Class

A class may be rescheduled for no charge up to 72 hours prior to your first class. Inside that 72 hour window prior your first class you may reschedule for a fee of $150. After your first class you will be unable to reschedule your class.


For a full refund, you may cancel your class reservation up to 72 hours prior to your first class. For a partial refund, you may cancel your class reservation within the 72 hour window prior to your first class and you will be refunded all but $150 of your course tuition. There are no cancellation refunds after your first class.

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