Your Safety is Our Top Priority

We are committed to providing you with a safe and productive riding experience. We provide a helmet if you don’t have one, but we expect all students to wear specific clothing in order to be allowed to ride. This includes long sleeves, pants, sturdy over-the-ankle footwear, and street motorcycle-specific gloves.

No gear/wrong gear? No riding.

This is your responsibility. Aside from helmets, we do not carry extra gear on site. Failure to arrive prepared will result in your dismissal without refund, and you will need to re-register to take the class. If you have questions, please ask your instructor in your first classroom session.


We provide helmets in size ranges from XS to XXL. They are all brand new, full-face Bell Qualifiers. If you prefer to bring your own helmet, it must be three-quarter or full-face without any drops or scuffs. No half helmets, or near-half helmets. You will need your own eyewear or face shield if you bring your own helmet.

Qualifier Solid Metallic Silver


Purchase a pair of street motorcycle-specific riding gloves. Dirt bike gloves ARE NOT ALLOWED. Nor are batting, golfing, ski/snowboard, or goalie gloves. Different kinds of gloves are built for specific purposes. Street bike gloves are designed to resist abrasion. You will want that, and they are likely the most important piece of gear you will wear after a helmet.



You will need to arrive in your sturdy, over-the-ankle footwear. Hiking boots are acceptable, and although high-tops are allowed, they provide minimal protection. Leather work boots or cowboy boots are great. Actual riding boots are even better. Features to consider in a riding boot are a thin but durable toe, minimal rise in the heel, and protection on/around the ankle bone. Uggs, Toms, and Converse are NOT acceptable.


Long Sleeves and Pants

Although Simi Valley can be warm, this is still a safety class. We recommend wearing a jacket any time you ride. For this class, at minimum, you will need a long sleeve shirt and pants. This isn’t a rock concert, so holes are not stylish: they’re a problem. Please wear concealing apparel that may provide some level of protection in a low-speed incident.