Become a Skilled Rider with Motorcycle Rider Education

Why Do We Ride?

motorcycle-ride-california-coastThere are as many reasons to ride as there are people riding. One common theme is the freedom and liberties that come with the total control of your very own iron horse. We at Motorcycle Rider Education share your passion, and we encourage your curiosity about this wonderful world. It’s what drives our instructors to excel in delivering our CMSP Motorcyclist Training Course and our Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic.

Who We Are

Motorcycle Rider Education is your provider of the CMSP Motorcyclist Training Course and the next level of rider development, the Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic. We have been operating in Simi Valley, California for over 20 years. Our California Highway Patrol-approved courses have trained thousands of new, returning, or becoming-legal riders using the most current California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP) and Total Control curriculum.

What’s New

Fresh for 2016, we are offering the Total Control Intermediate Riding Clinic to riders looking to level-up their skills. This course is taught on your own bike and will help you enhance your technique, control and safety while riding.

For beginning riders taking our CMSP Motorcyclist Training Course, you will be learning with the newest educational technology and curriculum, generated by the experienced team at Total Control Training, in conjunction with the CHP and CMSP. Also, we have incorporated feedback from past students like you who have consistently told us that they would like more riding time. Our new course provides you with additional riding time by including fewer instructor demonstrations, and more precise, direct coaching. More riding time means you have better opportunity to refine and retain the riding skills you develop.

Lastly, in one of our most involved improvements, we have recently resurfaced our training range and painted fresh lines and markings. This will help ease visibility of the exercises and allow you to focus entirely on developing your skills, rather than struggling to find your path of travel.